West Valley City Down Payment Assistance Grant

The West Valley City Down Payment Assistance Grant offers a grant of $5,000 to low and moderate-income families. Because funds are limited, assistance is given first-come, first-served.

In order to qualify, an individual must be able to provide at least $2,000 from their own funds towards the home purchase. This cannot be a gift or be paid by the realtor or seller. Furthermore, the individual’s front-end housing ratio cannot be more than 31% and their DTI cannot be more than 43%. Applicant’s also have to fall within applicable income limits.

In order for a property to be eligible for this program, it must be in West Valley City, owner-occupied, and an existing single-family house, condo or town-house. All structures must have had a minimum of one occupant prior to the applicant and cannot be a new construction house.

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