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Valley National Bancorp, is a $16 billion financial institution operating out of New Jersey. With headquarters in Wayne, NJ, the corporation owns and operates its primary subsidiary, Valley National Bank through 210 different branch offices predominantly in the New Jersey state area. This includes 16 counties and 146 different communities in the northern and central state area. The Bank also has offices in Manhattan as well as other parts of New York City as well and Long Island.

Representing one of the big regional banks for the New Jersey area market, Valley National Bank is committed to providing a customer service level that can be reached around the clock 24/7. The institution has been in operation for over 80 years, and came through the 2008 Recession with solid activity and books.

The institution was originally started under a different name, Passaic Park Trust Company, in 1927. A few years later it was changed to the Bank of Passaic and Trust Company. Then, 20-something years later the bank changed its name again with an acquisition of Bank of Allwood. Finally, in the mid 1970s, the Institution went on a series of acquisitions and purchases that progressively broadened access and market reach. Valley National Bank was created as a new name for the operation which has since acquired a community bank at a rate of almost one a year since then.

In terms of customer access, Valley National offers a variety of tools to meet every lifestyle and time schedule. The bank maintains traditional in-person services during general weekday office hours. However, Valley also provides phone services for remote banking as well Internet banking through its website.

Valley National Bank’s services are varied. In terms of lending and financing, Valley national operates both consumer and business or commercial lending. Consumer lending includes the traditional tools of home mortgage loans, car and consumer loans as well as credit card issuance. Commercial lending includes industrial loans, commercial real estate, and small business assistance. Additionally, Valley National also provides various types of insurance plans for property, life, health and casualty needs. Finally, the bank also operates an asset management division for larger financial planning needs.

More information regarding Valley National Bank and its parent corporation can be found by either calling 800-522-4100 or visiting the Bank’s website. If you want to see how Valley National mortgage rates, CD rates, and more stack up against the competition, compare rates using RateZip's free interest rate search.

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