Savings Rate Deal for Wednesday, May 29, 2013: Rutherford Postal District Employee Credit Union

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Set up as tiny federal credit union in Rutherford, New Jersey, the Rutherford Postal District Employee Federal Credit Union is currently paying a whopping 2.52 percent on savings accounts deposited in the credit union.

The tiny institution is not new; the Rutherford Credit Union was first established back in 1937 and has been serving a small population of members since then. Currently, the Credit Union has a total of 481 members and over $8 million assets. The Credit Union only works out of one storefront location located, aptly, in Rutherford, New Jersey.

All accounts are insured under the federal National Credit Union Association, which provides a $250,000 insurance per depositor, similar to what is covered in regular banks.

Ironically, the Rutherford Postal District employee Federal Credit Union is not the easiest organization to find the on the Internet. The institution does not have a website per se. Instead, contact needs to be made by phone by calling 201-475-1839 or in person by visiting their one address at 156 Park Avenue in Rutherford. Clearly, the Credit Union’s benefits are not available to just anyone; members have to have eligibility which is generally associated with employment in a given government agency. That said, those that have access as well as their family members can take advantage of the Credit Union’s benefits. And, given all the challenges involved, being able to enjoy a savings account return on liquid funds of 2.52 percent annually is a serious win in modern times.

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