Savings Account Deal for Thursday, May 23, 2013: Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union

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There’s a theory that the Federal Reserve continues to keep short-term and long-term government rates low to influence the savings market, forcing investors and savers to seek riskier tools to gain better rates of return. This theory concludes that doing so forces more money to go into investment markets which in turn helps businesses grow again. It’s not a crackpot idea. However, not everyone is interested in seeing their savings put on the gambling table with the stock market, so any kind of a better savings rate than 0.75 percent is attractive right now.

Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union is currently offering savers a competitive 0.95 percent rate on funds that need to be protected and kept liquid. The Credit Union offers the rate through its Super Share Savings Account for serious savers who want to put away at least $10,000 in an account. As a result, the offer isn’t viable for smaller savers. The rate is good for amounts up to $25,000 and retains the same federal insurance protection as other bank accounts. Balance amounts higher than the $25,000 mark get paid an even better return, depending on the total saved.

Gulf Coast predominantly serves the Texas region, but savers can work with the credit union via its online website as well from any location with Internet access. Additionally, the Credit Union offers its new customers access to checking, money market and other accounts with very minimal initial deposits to get started. So savers can take advantage of additional rate benefits in CDs, loans and more.

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