HomeChoice Down Payment Assistance Program

If you or a member of your household have a disability, you may be eligible for HomeChoice down payment assistance, a program offered by the Washington State Housing and Finance Commission. This is a second mortgage loan for as much as $15,000 to help with the costs of closing and the down payment. It has an interest rate of 1%, but does not need to be repaid until the house is sold, refinanced, or 30 years have passed.

HomeChoice is meant to be used with a House Key or Home Advantage first mortgage.

In order to qualify, in addition to having a disability or living with a family member with a disability, the applicants have to be either first-time homebuyers or purchasing a house in a designated target area. Applicants also have to attend a seminar about homebuying.

Income limits, which vary by location, apply for this program. As of 2022, these limits are:

  • King or Snohomish County: $115,700
  • All Other Counties: $91,600

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