Everything I Need To Know About My Finances I Learned From Zombies

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Inspiration to take proactive steps in our financial lives can come from many different sources. Perhaps a wise old uncle told you to start saving young, or a colleague you respect taught you how to invest your first paycheck. In either case, the path to a healthy financial life often begins with that first glimmer of excitement, sparked by a trusted friend or relative. But sometimes financial lessons can come from unlikely places.

Even, it turns out, from the undead.

This Halloween, we thought it would be fun to take a look at what zombies have to offer in terms of financial wisdom – it turns out there’s a lot of money tips to be gleaned from these gory creatures. Don’t believe us? Take a look:

Life Is Long - Sometimes VERY Long - So Start Saving For Retirement Now

Most of us plan to be alive until our eighties or nineties, but the reality is that many of us could end up living much longer than that. After all, no zombie ever realized that they would “live” (or, more precisely, not die) forever, so it’s important to start saving for retirement now. You never know how long you’ll be around, and you don’t want to run out of money in your old age. Let the power of compound interest start working for you now and you’ll be able to count on your cash to carry you through the rest of your undead days.

Emergencies (Like An Apocalypse) Can Happen, So Plan Accordingly

Planning for disaster is unpleasant, but we all have to face the fact that emergencies do pop up from time to time. This means it’s important to have a stash of cash at the ready in case disaster – or zombie apocalypse – strikes. It might seem a little daunting to save up such a large sum of money, but 3-6 months of expenses should be enough to help you weather most financial storms.

Eating Out Is Expensive, So Conserve Cash By Making Your Own Meals

To our knowledge, there’s never been a zombie movie that featured the creatures dining at the local Italian place or picking up fast food. Sure, zombies have a bad habit of dining on human flesh and brains, but at least they’re not throwing money down the drain on fancy meals. While flesh and brains probably don’t sound too tasty, it’s very possible to make your own frugal meals at home. Take this money que from a zombie and skip the restaurant tab – you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll save!

Cars Are A Money-Suck, So Consider Walking Instead

Again, we’ve never seen a zombie in a car, which is another sign of their financial smarts. Between car payments, insurance, gas, and repairs, cars are a major money-suck. It’s much more frugal to take public transit or, if you’re really interested in living the zombie lifestyle, walk. Think of all the cash that will stay in your pockets if you just commit to this one zombie tip.

No one is arguing that zombies live an ideal lifestyle – they’re not living at all, of course. But there’s no denying that we can get a few good money ideas from them – in fact, zombies might just be the most fiscally-savvy characters you’ll meet this Halloween, so don’t pass up the opportunity to learn a thing or two!

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Lindsay is a high school teacher and personal finance blogger. She lives, works, and plays in the Washington, D.C. area.

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