Capital One 360 Savings Account: Deal of the Week $25 Bonus + .75%

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When it comes to finding a savings account deal, many banks are requiring hefty deposits from new account holders before any kind of a bonus is provided. Further, the interest rate offered for the savings is barely 0.01 percent in most cases. However, Capital One 360 is still offering and engaging the same kind of bonuses and payouts originally provided by ING Direct before it was bought by Capital One. Capital One 360 is paying new applicants a $25 bonus if they open up a savings account with the bank, payable once the account is fully approved and validated. An account holder can then also have access to an interest rate payout of 0.75 percent, which is probably close to the highest rate of earning a basic savings account can receive right now in the open market.


The bank also gives access to new account holders to create additional accounts if desired, offering additional bonuses. With $25 for a kids savings account, $50 for a new checking account, and $25 for a teen's saving account, a new account holder could easily gain a $100 bonus by the time he's done exercising all the available 360 options. A number of critics and previous ING account holders have wondered if the conversion over to Capital One ownership was going to usher in a new round of fees on all of the ING accounts once the 360 conversion took place. However, this fear has not manifested. Capital One has so far stayed committed to keeping the ING model intact, which is what makes the online bank so attractive to new and existing customers.

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