4 Great Money Gifts for Children

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Now that the holiday season is approaching, many consumers are focued on gift-giving. One of the difficulties associated with buying gifts for children is that you want to provide something that is interesting for the child, but you might not want to get a run-of-the-mill toy that will just be discarded in a few weeks’ time.

Instead, it makes sense to give a gift that keeps on giving. On top of that, you can also provide something that has educational value. The right money gift is a good way to express your affection for a child, and provide something of lasting significance. Here are 4 great money gifts for children this holiday season:

1. Piggy Bank

For younger children, a piggy bank can make sense. Get a child interested in managing his or her money from a young age, and he or she will be more likely to make better decisions later on. There are many piggy banks that are divided so that children can see how to contribute to charity, save for long-term goals, and spend within a shorter time frame. Children enjoy these types of banks, and they can serve an educational purpose as well.

2. Financial Games

There are games that are fun to play and that teach money concepts. Board games like Monopoly and Life aren’t completely realistic, but they do provide a foundation. There are also electronic games that can be purchased that allow kids to have a good time as they learn some of the basics of money management.

3. Gift Cards

Help the child in your life learn how to manage plastic with the help of a gift card. He or she can learn principles like prioritization, and how to track spending. Using a gift card can impart lessons about credit cards and budgeting. The child is forced to decide what is most important to spend the money on, and he or she will have to track spending in order to make sure that there is enough on the card for more than one purchase.

4. Stocks and Bonds

You can also purchase stocks and bonds. These might be a little more appropriate for older children. Most of the time, when you purchase a stock for a teenager, it’s possible to get a certificate printed out. Take this time to show the child how to look up investments online and follow performance. You can also open a 529 or an IRA on behalf of the child. Savings bonds can also be purchased for children. Talk about compound interest, and the value of a bond that increases in value over time.

There’s no reason to limit yourself to a toy of little value this holiday season. Choose to give financial gifts that will benefit the child for years to come.

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