Chicken or Egg or Scrambling: Could Fears of a Recession Lead to One?

Written by Kathleen Heck on August 29, 2019
Chicken or Egg

In the 1st Century CE,  Plutarch posed the question regarding which came first, the chicken or the egg, as a philosophical matter in his essay “The Symposiacs.” I’ll bet you didn’t know THAT, did you? I am a veritable font … Continue Reading

How Low can you Go? Low Rates are Great for Refinancing!

Written by LeeAnn Reynolds on August 9, 2019
Low Rates

If you’ve been following any mortgage-related blogs or news sources, you know that people are refinancing like crazy! In fact, the Mortgage Bankers Association says there are almost twice as many refinance applications now compared to last year. Low rates … Continue Reading

Time to Refi

Written by Kathleen Heck on July 11, 2019

Time to Refi? This is not an old blog! Check out this Tweet, especially the date! According to themselves, Mortgage Market Guide is “The most reliable source of information available to protect your pipeline and help your clients make sound … Continue Reading

Say Hello to Mello! The New, Easy, Smart Mortgage Application

Written by LeeAnn Reynolds on March 6, 2019
Mello Smartphone User

The world of mortgages is constantly changing to give borrowers a faster, easier, safer experience, and LoanDepot has just announced another change for the better: the Mello Smartloan. Say goodbye to long wait times and frustrating document gathering – Mello … Continue Reading

These High LTV Refinance Programs Can Save you Money!

Written by LeeAnn Reynolds on February 15, 2019

New High LTV Programs: Lower Your Payments, Reduce Debt and Save Money! It’s a new year, and that means there are new High LTV Programs designed specifically to lower your payment, reduce debt and save you money! The best part? … Continue Reading

Don’t Refinance – Get a Home Equity Loan Today!

Written by LeeAnn Reynolds on February 15, 2019
Earning Equity

What is Equity? At Today’s Rates: Home Equity Loan is a Smarter Deal Than a Cash Out Refinance You could have cash hidden in your home and not even realize it. We’re not talking about a hidden stash of treasure – … Continue Reading