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Show Me the Home Repair Shows!

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If your family is anything like mine, home-buying shows are always playing in the background. Whether it’s a nice couple looking for a fixer-upper to sell at a profit or pair of retirees looking for their paradise dream home, you can bet there’s a show about it. Sometimes these shows have great advice and insight, and other times they could be a stand-in for a soap-opera. Here are some of the most popular home-buying and home-renovation shows on TV, and what you can expect if you tune in.

First Time Flippers

First Time Flippers, on DIY Network

  1. First Time Flippers

Everyone wants their fifteen seconds of fame - well, in this home repair show, homeowners star in their very own half-hour segments! (If you include commercials, that is.) There are no experts here - just people genuinely interested in buying a fixer-upper and making a profit. The fact that it’s their very first time flipping a home leads to some hilarious antics and questionable renovations. But, you know what they say - you can learn as much from bad experiences as you can from good ones. So sit back and take notes - you’ll learn what to do as well as what not to do. And if you’re thinking about flipping a house for the first time, you can even apply to be on the show!

Property Brothers, on HGTB

Property Brothers, on HGTB

  1. Property Brothers

You’ll be seeing double if you watch Property Brothers! Twins Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott work together to help potential homeowners find and repair fixer-uppers. Some of the houses featured are in truly dismal condition at the start, but the transformations can be magnificent. These transformations are helped by the CGI technology used to show what the home will potentially look like when finished. While most people interested in purchasing their very own fixer-upper won’t have the luxury of seeing changes in CGI before they’re done, Property Brothers is still a great show to watch for inspiration and ideas.

Rehab Addict, on HGTV

Rehab Addict, on HGTV

  1. Rehab Addict

One woman on a mission - purchase, repair, and sell for a profit! Nicole Curtis stars in Rehab Addict, and you’ll be amazed by her seemingly boundless energy and resourcefulness. She saves everything she can and lets nothing go to waste. Whether it’s an antique door frame or a restored shelving unit, Curtis has a way of bringing together the finishing touches to create the perfect home. She gets personal as well - she speaks of each house she works on as if it were a long-time friend. If you’re in the mood for a home repair show that also makes you feel good, put Rehab Addict on your list.

Flip or Flop, on HGTV

Flip or Flop, on HGTV

  1. Flip or Flop

Home buying is always a risk - but would you ever be willing to buy a house that you haven’t even seen yet? Tarek and Christina El Moussa would - and they have done so in their show Flip or Flop. House renovating is their business, and you will definitely learn a thing or two from watching them. But be prepared for some drama, however; the two have been known to have spats occasionally, and have recently split up. It can be hard to separate business and family when you’re working together so closely, but if you ignore the fuss, you’ll glean some valuable tips (and besides, the drama is partly what makes this show interesting).

House Hunters, on HGTV

House Hunters, on HGTV

  1. House Hunters

A lot goes into buying a house - and House Hunters shows some of those trials and tribulations. Potential homeowners discuss what their budget is and the key points they’re looking for in a home, and real estate agents help them chose from a variety of options. If you’re looking for something a little less close-to-home, you can also watch House Hunters International or House Hunters On Vacation, two spinoffs which showcase homes in foreign countries or tropical climates. If you’re considering purchasing a home outside of the United States, you may be able to glean some valuable insight from them.

Fixer Upper, on HGTV

Fixer Upper, on HGTV

  1. Fixer Upper

Not everyone is perfect, but this husband-and-wife team certainly seem to be! Together, Chip and Joanna Gaines help homeowners renovate questionable abodes into wonderful dream homes in their show Fixer Upper. The show is based in Texas, and you’ll enjoy their easy back-and-forth dialogue as well as their renovation tips. And if you love food, you’ll be in for a treat; somehow, it seems like the pair are always talking about what to eat (Hint: keep an eye out for the bowl of baked goods that Joanna always has when meeting with clients).

Love It or List It, on HGTV

Love It or List It on HGTV

  1. Love It or List It

Whenever I’m forced to make a tough decision, you can bet I’ll make a pro-vs.-con list. And I would definitely need one if I was the focus of an episode of Love It or List It. In this show, hosts Hilary Farr and David Visentin compete against one another while they help homeowners decide whether to renovate their current homes or sell and buy a new one. Farr works within a budget to upgrade and improve a house with the goal of convincing the current homeowners to stay, but which will add to its resale value if they decide to list it. In the meantime, Visentin searches listings for key points that the homeowners are looking for. At the end of the show, you find out whether the homeowners will continue to live in their newly-renovated home, or if they will sell and purchase a new one. If you’re wondering whether your home needs a makeover or if you should just move out, watching a few episodes of Love It or List It can give you some ideas and inspiration.

Be sure to set your DVR and take a gander at some of these shows! Whether you’re considering purchasing your own home, want to do some renovations, or just enjoy learning about it, these television shows can give you a glimpse of what to expect.

Did I miss your favorite home purchasing or renovation show? Let me know all about it in the comments!

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