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RateZip is a publisher of financial news and information.  Our editorial staff reviews banks, surveys CD, bank and mortgage rate information from banks and lenders, and writes articles about personal finance.

RateZip is the smartest way for you to search interest rates online. Every day, our analysts scan hundreds of bank websites for updated rates and search for the best deals offered for mortgages, car loans, CDs, savings accounts, and insurance rates. Unlike other rate websites, the rates you see on RateZip include thousands of items that are not paid advertisements from the banks, but were collected by our team of analysts.  Our publication earns revenue through the sale of advertisements placed on RateZip.com.   Our goal is to give you as complete a picture as possible and help find the best deal for you.

About Paul Knag

Paul Knag is a former executive for American Home Mortgage and founder of online lender MortgageSelect.com. He founded RateZip.com in 2007. Paul lives in New York with his wife and children.

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