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14 Great Business Ideas for Work at Home Moms

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When you’re based at home you may have a lot of responsibilities — childcare, family finances, etc. — but some stay at home moms may wonder if there are other ways they could find personal fulfillment and help provide for their family. It turns out there are lots of ways to earn a living from the comfort of your own home. Here are a few ways you can put your energy and passions to work from a home-based business.

Freelancing Vs. Small Business

Freelancing is a broad topic. If you work for yourself as a self-employed independent contractor, guess what? — You’re a freelancer. You can run a number of freelance businesses from home, but there’s also an option to incorporate your small business and even hire remote employees. These days, the web makes a virtual work at home office a real possibility. Check out these 14 great business ideas for work at home moms.

  1. Communications / PR

If you have a background in marketing, writing, communications, or public relations, either through a degree or past employment, this is a good freelance area to focus on. Communications and public relations skills are in demand in 2015 for both commercial businesses and nonprofits. With a couple testimonials and leads from past contacts and a bit of luck, you could be well on your way making a living with this skillset from your home office.

  1. Marketing

Marketing is another area of skills that’s in such high demand, skilled independent freelancers are now able to find steady client work with either local or remote clients. Your skills are especially valuable if you have experience with digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO marketing, or content marketing. As most of your work will be done in front of a computer or through phone consultations, marketing is a good choice for the work at home mom.

  1. Writing/Editing

Many freelance writers work out of the comfort of their own homes. Some focus on journalism, magazine writing, copywriting, or copy editing. Others write novels, children’s books, screenplays, or poetry. There’s a huge variety of work you could be doing. The first question to ask yourself is whether you want to pursue passion projects or business projects. The latter are likely to be more profitable, but for many, can be equally fulfilling. Check out Elance and oDesk for opportunities.

  1. Web Design / Graphic Design

Designers of all types are in high demand. Businesses large and small recognize the incredible boost great design can give to their business, but not every business will be able to hire an agency. Enter the freelance designer. A part-time design business can usually help pay the bills, although, with the right focus and determination, it’s possible to turn a home design business into a full-on agency.

  1. Business Consulting

Business consultants provide their expertise within their particular field of business. Companies seek consulting advice on everything from accounting, to HR, to business strategy. As a work from home consultant you could expect to help client businesses meet goals, complete specialized projects, hear from a fresh perspective, or implement changes to improve their business. For example, Rebekah from SimplyRebekah helps her clients get the most out of using Pinterest.

  1. Photography

A commercial photography business could allow you the freedom to set your own schedule and choose your own projects. Your first thought may be wedding photography, but there are a number of alternatives: stock image photography, product photography, and studio portraits, as well as photo editing and retouching services. With a home office or a small studio setup, this is another business you can work on at home.

  1. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a fairly new type of job made possible by the latest web technology. Rather than hiring an hourly, in-office staffer, businesses or individuals can hire a remote VA to handle admin, creative, or technical duties. In addition to general office support, VAs can provide personal assistant services or specialized support for medical, legal, or IT businesses via phone or the web. This unique business niche is a great match for many stay at home moms.

  1. Blogging

A blogging business is another new career option made possible by technology. While freelancers could maintain their own blog, a professional blogger can take their brand further, monetizing several aspects of their business. Advertising revenues, affiliate promotions, ebook and product sales, and memberships can all contribute to a professional blogger’s income and all can be managed from your work at home office. Join up with some other “Mommy Bloggers” to expand your network.

  1. Childcare / Daycare / Pet Care

Today, the single-income household is the exception, not the rule, so more families are looking for safe, high-quality childcare options. A home-based day care can provide a reliable long term income stream once you’ve grown your business to enough client families. This is a regulated industry, so you’ll have to go through the proper registration, licensing, and procedures before getting started. Interested in take care of pets instead of more children? Heather from United States of Motherhood expects to make between $10k-15K this year from petsitting.

  1. E-Commerce / Online Store

Building an online e-commerce site has never been easier. Platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy are easy to setup and highly customizable. You can offer your products to an audience of millions while working from home. Your choices for the type of shop you run are pretty open: clothes, jewelry, crafts, art, collectibles, and used items can all be sold online.

  1. Artist / Illustrator

With a home studio, a work at home mom could be all set to earn money as an artist or illustrator. Some artists create work to exhibit and sell at galleries, art fairs, or online. Others work with businesses or publishers to provide custom-ordered art and illustrations.

  1. Crafts Business

If you’re constantly getting compliments on your craft jewelry or decor, a craft business may be a good choice for you. Like artists and illustrators, craft makers can show their work at craft fairs or set up an online store from home. Etsy allows you to run a business right from your home, and lots of users are having great success using their platform.

  1. Yoga / Fitness Training

Some work at home moms find success with fitness training or yoga business opportunities. You could host private yoga lessons in your home or even small groups, if you have the space. Some fitness trainers also offer remote help to clients on everything from nutrition to customized workout routines through video chat.

  1. Tutoring / E-Learning Instructor

If you have a gift for teaching, you might consider starting a work at home teaching business. If you can develop a track record of helping students improve their standardized test scores, you could do quite well as a specialized tutor. Other stay at home moms may enjoy sharing their knowledge on a particular topic through an e-learning platform. Check out a company like Educational Resource Tutors for these types of opportunities.


The variety of work you can now do from home is pretty amazing. Whatever your past experience or current passion, there’s a business idea out there that’s just right for you. If you’ve been thinking about starting a business, there’s no better time than the present to make your personal and financial  dream a reality as a work at home mom.

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