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GMAC Auto Insurance: Deal of the Week

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Frequently, discounts or savings in car insurance often depend on the driver, his location, and driving record. As a result, it’s hard to say a particular company has a “deal” in auto insurance because one driver can get a really low rate while a second driver could be hit with a high premium due to a bad history with tickets.


However, once in a while a car insurance company comes out with a new campaign that represents a significant market mover in terms of pricing competition. GMAC is one such example. However, there’s a catch.


Additionally, the GMAC program can be graduated for drivers who can cut back a bit but not as extreme as 2,500 miles every half year. Instead, drivers who can keep their mileage between 7,500 and 10,000 miles per year can realize a 26 percent decrease in their insurance cost charged by GMAC. This option is a viable alternative for those who would otherwise be driving 15,000 miles annually.

Not everyone likes the idea of a company tracking their travel, but for those who see an advantage, an insurance savings of 26 to 54 percent represents real money kept in the wallet.

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