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Earn Interest on your Crypto with a Crypto Savings Account!

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If you’re looking for a savings account with a high yield interest rate, consider a Crypto Savings Account. These investment accounts yield an average of 4% to 8% more than traditional savings accounts and utilize cryptocurrency, making them an attractive option for those who already own cryptocurrency, want to get into cryptocurrency, or simply want an investment account with a higher yield interest rate than the standard savings account. But with so many account options, how do you know which crypto savings account is right for you? Keep on reading to learn about some of the top companies and how a Crypto Savings Account works!

How It Works

For a traditional savings account, you would work with a bank and deposit or transfer cash. You then earn interest on the money that is safely in your account, but generally, this interest rate is very low. With Crypto Savings Accounts, you also deposit or transfer funds, although sometimes these funds are in the form of dollars and other times are cryptocurrency (the type of fund depends on the account itself). Like traditional accounts, you can earn interest because you’re giving the Crypto bank the opportunity to lend your cryptocurrency to others. However, the yield tends to be much higher – these are more like investment accounts than traditional savings accounts!

Just because these are crypto savings accounts does not mean that you have to deposit or earn interest in crypto! Some allow you to deposit or earn in US dollars, while others offer multiple crypto options, such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Stablecoin, or others. Often, the interest rate you can qualify for will vary based off of what crypto you deposit. If you already own cryptocurrency and are considering a crypto savings account, be sure to find one that accepts the crypto you currently have!

Because crypto savings accounts are still so new, you’ll find that they vary widely. It’s often best to research the different crypto savings accounts available before deciding on one. Reading reviews, such as those found on, can be one of the best ways to gather information on a company. Listed below are some of the top companies that offer crypto savings accounts!

Top Crypto Savings Accounts

Company: BlockFi
Great For: Investors with not a lot of cryptocurrency
Current Advertised APY: 0.5% - 8.6%
Those who are just beginning to dabble with cryptocurrency or who don’t have a lot may want to utilize BlockFi. BlockFi has no account minimums, which means you can deposit any amount of crypto, even if it’s not very much, and still benefit from high yields. In fact, BlockFi’s unique platform makes it so that the more cryptocurrency you deposit, the less you’ll actually earn; for example, those with less than 0.5 Bitcoin will earn 5%, but those with over 20 Bitcoin (which would equal $771,212 as of this writing!) will only earn 0.5%. As most people don’t have that much crypto, BlockFi is a great account for many.

Company: Outlet Finance
Great For: Those who don’t want hassle
Current Advertised APY: As much as 9%
Supported Crypto: Ethereum, but you deposit and earn interest in USD
If you like to keep things simple, Outlet Finance may be for you. While this account does involve cryptocurrency, you can deposit and earn interest in US dollars, making it almost like a regular interest-earning account, although with a much higher yield. This can be a great account for those who don’t want to buy any more crypto but still want to benefit from high yields.

Great For: High Yields
Current Advertised APY: 6 – 12%
Supported Crypto: BTC, ETH, USDC, and over 30 other types of crypto
An account earning a 12% APY?? It exists! has exceptionally high yields, even compared to other crypto savings accounts. However, you’ll need to meet some very specific requirements to take advantage of those higher rates, so not everyone will qualify.

Company: Coinbase
Great For: Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency
Current Advertised APY: 1.25%
Supported Crypto: Qualified users can earn interest on Ethereum, but the Coinbase platform supports BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and many other types of Crypto
Coinbase does not have a high yield compared to many other crypto savings accounts, but this is because they are not lending out cryptocurrency. Coinbase is primarily a crypto wallet, but can also function as a savings account in order for eligible investors to earn interest on their crypto. However, while they may not have a high yield, Coinbase has a great platform for buying and selling cryptocurrency. So, if you’re constantly purchasing or selling crypto rather than saving or storing it, Coinbase might be the way to go.

There are many more crypto savings accounts out there, including Linus, Gemini, Nexo, and more! Keep on reading to find out even more about crypto savings accounts.

How it’s Different

You may be wondering how exactly crypto savings accounts differ from traditional savings accounts. Besides the fact that traditional savings accounts only accept deposits of USD and tend to have lower yields than crypto savings accounts, they have a few other key differences that you should be aware of.

First off, the money in your bank savings account is insured by the FDIC, but there isn’t any federal insurance for crypto accounts. It also is possible to lose crypto in these accounts, as these really are more like investment accounts rather than savings accounts. Furthermore, while traditional accounts normally have withdrawal limits of six times each month, crypto accounts may allow more or less withdrawals – it depends on the crypto bank. Because crypto accounts vary widely, it’s important to do your research before deciding if you should store your crypto in a crypto savings account.

The Crypto Conclusion

Crpyto savings accounts can be a great way to earn interest, either in USD or in more crypto! Keep in mind that they are not like traditional savings accounts however, and are actually more like an investment account. But if you need a safe way to store your crypto and want to earn while you do it, a crypto savings account could be for you!

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