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CD Rate Deal for Monday, June 10, 2013: Intervest National Bank

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Have you ever heard of Intervest National Bank? Neither have I, but it does exist, and it’s offering a certificate of deposit or CD for 1.52 percent, which is at least a half point higher than most national banks and their CD offerings currently.

With headquarters in downtown New York City in Rockefeller Plaza, Intervest National Bank is the banking subsidiary of Intervest Bancshares Corporation which is traded publicly on the NASDAQ. The bank is entirely owned by the corporation and works in a coordinated fashion with the corporation’s mortgage subsidiary as well. As for the bank itself, it offers customers online banking services, personal banking, corporate banking and commercial mortgage lending as well.

Like most banks, Intervest operates an array of CD options and rates, but the minimum deposit requirements are higher. Intervest requires a minimum of $2,500 to open up a CD. Alternatively, if a depositor wants to open up an IRA CD instead, the minimum deposit is lower at $1,000. The amount deposited is protected under the Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation protection, so there’s no concern of any loss.

With a current 1.52 percent rate offered on the bank's 5-year CD, Intervest's savings payment isn't necessarily finding a new oil drilling spot in the blue hills of Tennessee, but it does pay more than the market average currently. And for those who are looking for ways to keep their money value from slipping too much, the 1.52 percent offering is far better than other options.

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