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CD Rate Deal for Monday, July 1, 2013: EH National Bank

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When your local bank barely pays 0.75 percent on a certificate of deposit, finding something closer to 1 percent is a goal everyone should striving for to fend off inflation. EH National Bank is currently offering a CD rate paying 0.95 percent annually, which is a bit better than the big players. EH was originally offering a rate 0.10 percent higher, but the current figure applies to all CDs above $10,000 and from 12 months to 24 months in duration.

EH National itself is both a business and personal banking institution, offering a full complement of services to customers, including loans and traditional savings tools. Personal customers enjoy both online and in-person access to funds, and financial assets can be both handled through traditional checking as well as savings accounts and CDs. The bank even operates a viable retirement IRA option for savers, allowing folks to manage both personal banking and long-term personal retirement with the same institution.

EH National is primarily a Southern California bank with three main branches located in Beverly Hills, Temecula, and Costa Mesa, California. All accounts are federally insured under the FDIC program, so there is no concern with financial loss when investing in traditional accounts and CDs with EH National.

Again, EH National's CD rate of 0.95 is going to be a record-breaker, but in these times when rates are at all time lows, people who need to keep their money close and safe have to look for every opportunity available to earn a bit more than the average. Not doing so is simply throwing away value to the inevitable creep of inflation.

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