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Auto Loan Deal for Thursday, June 13, 2013: CDC Federal Credit Union

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Going into the middle of 2013, the credit unions continue to dominate the best auto loan rates of the week. The national and community banks for the most part simply don't have a leg to stand on for customers. Fortunately, most credit unions are severely limited in their territories or membership. The CDC Federal Credit Union is no exception, competing hard against other banks as well as credit unions with an auto lending rate of 1.75 percent on a new vehicle with 5 years of financing. Vehicles eligible for financing include all standard cars, trucks, and vans.

First established in 1949, the CDC Federal Credit Union was designed originally to help employees of the Centers of Disease Control. Today, the CDC Federal Credit Union providing banking services to anyone who works, lives or even worships in the Georgia state counties of Gwinnett, Fulton or DeKalb County. The Credit Union provides all the standard services of personal banking as well as retirement account services as well. For financing, the CDC Federal Credit Union also offers loans for real estate and consumer borrowing as well. With today’s Internet capabilities the CDC Federal Credit Union also offers customers full capability and electronic access as well, including virtual payment services and full banking.

With regards to auto loans, the CDC Federal offers its customers full financing up to 100 percent, but those customers can also coordinate downpayments in a purchase as well. Additionally, as an added member benefit to the already low interest rate, customers can skip two payments a year when cash needs are critical. This comes in handy during the holidays.

With all the above, anybody who has the ability to take advantage of CDC Federal’s offering has to be unhealthy not to take up the opportunity. Doing otherwise is simply throwing good, hard-earned money away.

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