Pre-1976 Mobile Home Replacement Initiative

For those living in a mobile home built before 1976, the Pre-1976 Mobile Home Replacement Initiative offers an opportunity to help replace the mobile home with an ENERGY STAR ® certified manufactured home.

Eligible applicants can receive a first mortgage loan as well as a $30,000 grant from MaineHousing. This grant does not need to be repaid as long as the applicants live in their new manufactured home for a minimum of 10 years.

These funds can be used to dismantle and remove the pre-1976 mobile home as well as to purchase and install the new ENERGY STAR ® manufactured home. The new manufactured home must be installed on the same site as the old pre-1976 mobile home. The property can be either owned land, privately leased land, or a park.

Only ENERGY STAR ® manufactured homes can be purchased using this initiative, and it must have permanent connections to water, sewer, and other utilities when installed. Furthermore, is must have a permanent foundation. The manufactured home must be purchased through a licensed dealer in Maine.

Annual household income limits apply, which vary depending on location and household size. The purchase price for the manufactured home must be $175,000 or less, as of 2020.

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