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    With Canada across the border, North Dakota represents one of the big plains territories that is now booming with geological exploration and oil mining. With the capitol located in Bismarck, North Dakota is predominantly a rural and wild land state with a very small population compared to other states. This seclusion tends to suit many residents just fine, especially those who like open sky, hunting, ranching and country life. A good portion of North Dakota residents claim either a German or Scandinavian background, which tends to contribute to the slight accent the locals are known to have. The state is very religious, claiming the title as the top state in the union with the most residents attending church regularly. Major cities aside from the capitol include Fargo, Grand Forks, West Fargo, Minot and Dickinson.

    North Dakota's population of less than 1 million people ranks 48th in the country. That said, those who do live in the Roughrider State tend to do quite well - the state economy produces over $35 billion annually, and per capita income is over $50,000 with a low 3% unemployment rate.

    Places to Live in ND

    Home values in North Dakota are around $180,000 on average, basically flat year-over-year. Currently, the median sale price for a home in the state is around $300,000 no matter where you look. However, we should note that in smaller states like ND, it's difficult to get a truly representative sample as an individual home listing can swing the median more than you'd expect.


    Population: 109,779

    North Dakota's largest city is home to about 1 out of 6 of the state's residents. Perhaps best known from the Cohen Brothers film of the same name, Fargo often ranks highly in lists of the best cities for business and careers. The largest local employers are North Dakota State University, the public school system, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.


    Population: 64,751

    Bismarck is the capital of North Dakota, and its metro area is home to over 100,000 people. The largest private employers are Medcenter One Health Systems, MDU Resources, and Walmart. The state and local governments are also large employers.

    Find Your Bank!

    Though it's a small state, ND residents actually enjoy a wealth of banking options. There are local banks dedicated to the small towns of the Roughrider State, along with branches from giants like BofA and Wells Fargo. Below, we've collected a list of some of the choices available to residents and included links to our reviews where applicable.

    Local banks:

    1. Alerus Financial
    2. Bank Forward
    3. Dakota Community Bank
    4. First United Bank
    5. Lincoln State Bank
    6. The Ramsey National Bank and Trust Co
    7. Unison Bank
    8. Western State Bank

    Credit unions:

    1. First Community Credit Union
    2. Town and Country CU
    3. Western Cooperative Cu
    4. Capital CU
    5. Dakota West CU
    6. Community CU
    7. North Star Community CU
    8. Citizens Community CU
    9. Prairie FCU
    10. Northern Tier FCU

    Big banks:

    1. Armed Forces Bank
    2. Bank of the West
    3. BNC National Bank
    4. US Bank
    5. Wells Fargo

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    North Dakota Mortgage Rates

    For those considering relocation or buying in these neighborhoods, RateZip.com can provide a good insight as to which banks to work with for the best mortgage rates for the area. Homebuyers or those looking to refinance in North Dakota can certainly take advantage of the usual options, the like the fixed rate mortgage (FRM) or adjustable rate mortgage (ARM). That said, there's another option you may want to consider. Although it's a bit lesser know, the United States Department of Agriculture sponsors a mortgage loan program designed to help the average homeowner buy in lesser populated areas, generally towns with less than 25,000 people. You can learn all about USDA home loans in North Dakota on RateZip!

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