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    Known as the gaming state of the west, Nevada is also famous for its mining resources as well as producing precious metals as well. The three major population zones of the state are represented by Reno, the state capitol at Carson City, and Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps. Nevada is predominantly desert and arid land, but for those who like warm climates and a favorable tax climate, the state is called home to many. Due to the real estate boom up to 2007 Las Vegas and surround suburbs saw significant expansion while Reno, up north, developed into far more than just a second-rate casino town. Today, both offer significant development, large neighborhoods and great property opportunities for home-buying. Nevada also includes the eastern side of beautiful Lake Tahoe and its Sierra forests as well as ski resorts.

    Home to 2.75 million, the Silver State is the 35th most populous American state and the 7th largest by area. With a population density of just 24.8 per square mile, Nevada is full of wide open spaces. Gross state product is around $125 billion annually, driven by gaming in Las Vegas and resorts like Tahoe. On a per capita basis, income in NV falls right around the top 1/3.

    Places You May Want to Live

    Nevada, along with the other so called sand states, was hit hard by the housing crash in the late 2000's. However, home values have largely recovered since, and as of this writing the average home is valued at $170,000. The most expensive homes are in the cities - median sales prices in Vegas, Henderson, and Reno range from $350,000 to $550,000 - while Pahrump and Sparks offer better deals. Winchester and Paradise, NV have the highest percentage of singles, at nearly 80%.

    Las Vegas

    Population: 545,147

    Viva Las Vegas! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. We all know the slogans and the hype, because Las Vegas, NV, is one of the top destinations in the entire world. Since 1990, the population has more than doubled as people flock to serve the tourists and business people who flock to Vegas for the casinos, entertainment, nightlife, and business conferences. Though growth has slowed since the financial crisis, Las Vegas can still be a great place to live.


    Population: 232,146

    Henderson is located very close to LV and is part of its metropolitan area. The city has received praise from numerous high profile sources; Forbes called it the second safest city in the United States, while Bloomberg named Henderson one of the best places to live. Major employers include the city, St Rose Dominican Hospital, and M Resort.


    Population: 203,550

    The Biggest Little City in the World, Reno is Nevada's third largest city and, unlike Henderson, is not part of the Las Vegas metro area. Gaming is also key to Reno's local economy, with many of the tourists who visit coming from northern California, particularly the Bay Area.

    Banking Options - Compare Rates

    Comparison shopping is one of the keys to getting a great deal, and banks and financial products are no different. In general, the person who gets quotes from multiple banks does better than the person who simply takes the first offer that he or she sees. For residents of Nevada, there are local banks, credit unions, and national chains like Wells Fargo and US Bank to consider.

    If you travel regularly outside of the state, one of these chains may be the way to go - your Wells Fargo ATM card will still be widely accepted in California. However, if your priority is to form a close relationship with your bank, chances are you'll want to sign up with a community institution like the Bank of Nevada. Local banks prioritize these kind of relationships in a way that the big banks simply cannot.

    Community banks:

    1. Bank of Las Vegas
    2. Bank of Nevada
    3. Cache Valley Bank
    4. Farm Bureau Bank
    5. Nevada Commerce Bank
    6. Pacific Crest Bank

    Credit unions:

    1. One Nevada Credit Union
    2. Silver State Schools CU
    3. Clark County CU
    4. Boulder Dam CU
    5. Greater Nevada CU
    6. Financial Horizons CU
    7. WestStar CU
    8. Elko Federal Credit Union
    9. Great Basin FCU
    10. Sierra Pacific FCU

    National banks:

    1. Armed Forces Bank
    2. Bank of the West
    3. BB&T Bank
    4. M&I Bank
    5. US Bank
    6. Wells Fargo

    You've seen your options, now it's time to compare rates. Use RateZip.com's financial search engine to get started now!

    Home Buying in NV

    For those interested in taking advantage of lower property prices in any of Nevada's regions, RateZip.com provides a great tool for mortgage rate shopping, enhancing bargains that already exist in the silver state. Home buyers will find the usual assortment of products, from fixed rate loans - 30, 20, and 15 year varieties are readily available - to adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs), which will become more popular as interest rates rise over the next few years.

    If you're shopping for a more expensive property, you may need to obtain a jumbo loan to finance your home. Jumbo mortgages are for people with loan amounts that are greater than what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will insure. In general, jumbo mortgage rates run a bit higher than conventional rates, though that gap has been closing recently as lenders like Wells Fargo prioritize these big mortgages.

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