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Westbound Bank was an active part of the communities of Katy and Bellaire, Texas. Founded in 1997, Westbound expanded rapidly throughout the Houston, Texas area with its commitment to quality banking and strong customer service. The bank's philosophy was that “banking is about people.” Westbound assigned a personal banker to each of its customers.

Westbound Bank had three branch locations and $129 million in assets. The branches were located in Katy, Bellaire, and Houston, TX:

1. 655 Grand Parkway, South Katy, Texas 77494
2. 5231 Bellaire Blvd., Bellaire, Texas 77401
3. 13225 FM 529, Suite 107, Houston, Texas 77041

At this size, Westbound was very much a community bank rather than a national bank in the mold of JPMorgan Chase or Bank of America. The benefit of working with a community bank over one of these larger alternatives is that all functions of the bank, from customer service down to the decision making on your loans, take place within the community. This typically leads to faster turn around times and better service.

Westbound Bank may have been dedicated to serving communities within Texas, but it offered all of the financial products that you would find at a national bank. This included certificates of deposit (CDs), checking & savings accounts, investments, and money market accounts.

In 2018, Westbound Bank was merged with Guaranty Bank & Trust. All Westbound Bank locations became Guaranty Bank & Trust locations.

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