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PRMG, short for Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc., was founded in 2003. The company has grown from just three employees to more than 1,800. PRMG has about 150 branches and is licensed in 48 states – all except New York and Wyoming. They are headquartered in Corona, California.

PRMG is a residential home lender and mortgage banker, and they pride themselves as being “built by originators for originators.” They offer a variety of mortgage products, including VA, USDA, Jumbo, and Conventional loans. They also offer second mortgages and home equity mortgages. For those who have a unique situation where making mortgage payments might be tough, PRMG has information about Non-QM (Non-Qualifying) mortgages and Down Payment Assistance.

PRMG has an easy option to adjust their website for those who might be visually impaired or differently abled. Options for adjustment include increasing or decreasing font size, magnifying text, changing colors and saturation, hiding images, and more. Having a website that’s easy for everyone to navigate shows that PRMG truly cares about their consumers.

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Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson – NMLS #320166 – PRMG

PRMG - Branch Owner & Senior Loan Advisor - NMLS# 320166

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