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New York Municipal Credit Union, often called simply Municipal Credit Union (MCU), was founded in 1916. As of this writing, MCU has over 350,000 members and more than $1.8 billion in assets. MCU offers car loans, fixed rate, ARM, and jumbo mortgages, free checking accounts, high yield CD rates, and more to its members.

The New York Municipal Credit Union was originally founded in 1916 by New York City's then Mayor, John Purroy Mitchel. Mitchel intended the credit union to serve city employees, who were often forced to borrow from predatory lenders. After its first year, MCU had only $570 in deposits. It's grown tremendously ever since, and it is now New York City's largest credit union with 13 branches and a big network of ATMs.

Like all credit unions, MCU is a full service institution, meaning that it offers the same products that you can find at a bank. However, unlike a bank, MCU is run as a not-for-profit entity, and its members are also its owners. New York Municipal Credit Union is open to employees of the City of New York, federal employees working in one of the five boroughs, and more. Check out MCU's website to see if you qualify for membership.

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