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Morty was founded in 2016 to help make the mortgage process easier and more accessible for interested homebuyers. They only broker purchase mortgages, which makes them experts in their field and allows them to be in touch with what homebuyers are really looking for. Morty is currently licensed in 44 states and Washington D. C.

As a licensed Mortgage Broker, Morty helps consumers shop for mortgages by instantly comparing rates and loan programs from their top lenders. These loan options can be personalized for your unique property and financial situation in just a few seconds, without a hard credit pull. Once you find an option that works for you, you can get preapproved in five minutes or less. This preapproval is 100% accurate and can be accessed and downloaded from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Being able to get a preapproval almost instantly and from anywhere with an internet connection is critical in today’s fast paced real estate market.

With Morty, you can close in as soon as three weeks, and you’ll have a team of mortgage experts to help you know the status of the loan and the required next steps.

As a broker and a marketplace, Morty doesn’t fund loans themselves. Rather, they work with third-party lenders who fund the loans. But because Morty works with multiple lenders, their customers have access to more than 1,500 personalized loan options! The Morty platform is designed to educate borrowers about getting a mortgage and empowers them to compare loan options and access competitive rates from a range of lenders. As a marketplace, Morty serves as an unbiased advocate, working with buyers to help them find a loan that works for them and seamlessly close on a home.

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