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When it comes right down to it, the most important thing when looking for a mortgage is getting a lower rate. Lower rates mean you’ll be paying less each month, which means more of your own money stays in your pocket and you’ll pay off your loan faster. Why not choose a lender that has what you want right in the name?

Lower is a lender headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and licensed to do business in 33 states. They’re a tradename of Homeside Financial, LLC, which is a top 100 lender. All 200 of their employees work at their Ohio location, but they’re available to help borrowers nationwide through phone, email or text message, no matter the time! A great name and great customer service? But wait – it gets better!

Lower doesn’t require a credit check right away. You can get prequalified first and get your credit checked once you’re ready to move forward. This prevents your credit from dropping until it has to.

Want a once-in-a-lifetime deal? For a limited time, if you buy or refinance your house with Lower, you won’t have to pay lending fees for any future refinances. That way, whenever interest rates drop to a point where you can save, you can take advantage of this deal! Be sure to check out Lower.com for more information.

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