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If you live in Kentucky, you may have heard of Limestone Bank, formerly PBI Bank. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Limestone Bank offers the usual personal and business banking products. However, they also offer financial products tailored to the agricultural and equine industries. As a community-oriented bank, Limestone Bank offers these unique products in order to better serve their rural clients.

Agriculture is a big business in Kentucky, and Limestone Bank has the financial products to help support it. Among its Agricultural Lending products are farm infrastructure and real estate loans, loans for farm equipment and machinery, a livestock lending program, and lines of credit. And, of course, the equine industry is another big business in Kentucky, contributing over $3 billion every year to the state’s economy. (Just think of the Kentucky Derby!) If you’re interested in equine lending options, give Limestone a call.

Just because Limestone Bank offers certain financial products targeted towards rural areas doesn’t mean that they neglect their city branches! Limestone has branches in Louisville (their headquarters) and Lexington (one of the largest cities in Kentucky), as well as the Butler, Green, Hart, Edmonson, Barren, Warren, Ohio, and Daviess counties. Those interested in personal banking can find checking accounts, savings accounts, mortgages and lending options.

Limestone Bank also helps the Kentucky community through charity and volunteering. They’ve donated thousands of dollars to Habitat for Humanity, student sports centers, and other organizations.

Before it was PBI Bank, Limestone Bank was known as Bullitt County Bank. They have been serving the state of Kentucky for over 110 years. As of 2019, they have locations in 12 counties and $1,126,788 in assets.

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