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LendingTree is an online marketplace for consumers to find the best lenders nationwide.

Founded in the late 90's by Pittsburgh entrepreneur Doug Lebda, LendingTree has grown to be a household name in comparison shopping for lending products. Its "Banks Compete, You Win!" television campaigns have reached millions of consumers and enabled LendingTree to help facilitate billions of loans over the past 15 years.

LendingTree's comparison shopping service currently covers six product categories: mortgage loans, personal loans, student loans, business loans, auto loans and credit cards.

LendingTree is also now offering a free tool to check your credit score. Unlike many credit score services, LendingTree's service is truly a free service and does not have the recurring subscription fees that are associated with many others.

If you’re considering debt consolidation, you may want to go with a loan from LendingTree. LendingTree suggests that those who wish to consolidate their debt go through four steps. First, make sure you understand your debt. You need to figure out how much debt you have and what your interest rates are. Next, you should choose a debt consolidation loan that works best for you. After that, develop a payment plan so that you can pay off your debt. And finally, make sure you develop a budget so that you can stay out of debt. LendingTree has a Debt Consolidation Calculator to help clients understand how much debt they would have to pay, how much they would save, and when they would be debt free by.

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