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Funding Circle is a lending platform that is changing the way small businesses get financing. They connect small businesses that need financing with investors looking for new opportunities. In fact, as of March 2018, Funding Circle has helped investors lend over $5 billion to over 40,000 small businesses all around the globe, with $1 billion in the US alone!

By removing the middleman and helping investors and small businesses connect, Funding Circle has invented a new type of small business loan. Their loans have fixed monthly payments, no pre-payment penalties, and 6-month to 5-year terms, and businesses can borrow as much as $500,000. And there’s no need to wait – through their online application, a small business can check its eligibility in just a few seconds. The complete application takes about 10 minutes, and you could have a credit decision in as fast as 24 hours, and funds as soon as 10 days later.

Funding Circle was founded in 2010 and launched in the US in 2013. Their US headquarters are found in San Francisco.

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