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CIMG Residential Mortgage recently celebrated twenty years since their founding, which was in 1997. The initials in its name come from the bank's former moniker, which was Corporate Investors Mortgage Group, Inc. They serve the state of North Carolina, with one location in the capital city Raleigh and another in the town of Chapel Hill. CIMG is a locally owned mortgage banker.

CIMG offers Conventional, VA, and USDA loans. If you’re interested in a Conventional loan, they offer both Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate Mortgages. They process loans in-house, which gives them more control, and use a lending model that offer more choices and competitive rates to their borrowers.

CIMG has a quick online application for interested borrowers. To keep reading about more mortgage bankers, check out RateZip!

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Top CIMG Residential Mortgage Loan Officers

Robby Oakes

Robby Oakes – NMLS #91606 – Corporate Investors Mortgage Group

CIMG Residential Mortgage - Managing Director - NMLS# 91606

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