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Commerce Home Mortgage is a lender headquartered in California. They have had thousands of borrowers come to them to find a mortgage. They offer conventional, fixed rate, and adjustable-rate mortgages, as well as jumbo loans, government loans, reverse mortgages and foreign national loans.

Lots of thought often goes into a company’s logo, but Commerce Home Mortgage is one of the few that explains exactly what their logo means. They say that the blue door is a traditional representation of trust, loyalty, security, safety and stability – all qualities that you want to have in your mortgage lender. They also say that it representants an invitation and a hope for potential borrowers to visit and speak with them. While you’ll want to choose a lender based on more than just their logo, the care that Commerce Home Mortgage took with choosing and explaining theirs shows the care they will take with other parts of their business as well.

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Top Commerce Home Mortgage Loan Officers

Eric Rotner

Eric Rotner – NMLS #338424 – Commerce Home Mortgage

Commerce Home Mortgage - VP, Mortgage Banking - NMLS# 338424

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