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Caliber Home Loans is a mortgage lender with a unique array of loans and programs. They offer conventional loans, jumbo loans (for up to $2.5 million), and jumbo interest-only arms. They also offer loans such as a Relief Refinance, a HomeStyle Renovation loan, and others. Caliber Home Loans also offers government loans, including VA and USDA Loans. With such a wide variety of products, its important to compare and choose the one that’s right for you.

Caliber Home Loans started in 2008 when its parent company, Lone Star Funds, rebranded its origination assets. Since then, the lender has grown considerably, acquiring First Priority Financial in 2016 and Banc Home Loans in 2017. They have more than 3,500 employees, and have closed over 10,000 VA purchase loans.

Caliber Home Loans is based in Texas, but serve borrowers nationwide.

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Top Caliber Home Loans Loan Officers

Rick Elmendorf

Rick Elmendorf – NMLS #485091 – Caliber Home Loans

Caliber Home Loans - Team Sales Manager - NMLS# 485091

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