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Berkshire Bank, known as “America’s Most Exciting Bank,” was founded almost 170 years ago, in 1846. Berkshire has a strong New England presence, with 97 branches located in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Berkshire Bank has a national presence as well; they offer mortgages and commercial lending services to targeted national markets.

In 2017, Berkshire announced it would be acquiring Commerce Bancshares. This merger is expected to increase Berkshire’s assets from $9.3 billion to $12 billion. Because of the merger, which includes three Commerce branches in Boston, Berkshire Bank will change its headquarters to Boston. This will make it the largest regional bank with Boston headquarters. In addition to acquiring Commerce’s assets and branches, two of Commerce’s board members will join Berkshire’s board, and key senior executives will remain with and serve as advisors to Berkshire.

If you’re looking for ease and convenience, Berkshire Bank may be the way to go. Their mobile app allows users to deposit checks to their bank account simply by submitting a photo of the front and back of the check. Berkshire Bank offers both personal and business checking and savings accounts, as well as debit, business credit, and ATM cards. Berkshire Bank also offers loans, insurance, investing services and wealth management services.

Berkshire Bank obviously is very involved with the Boston community.  It is the official bank of NESN (New England Sports Network)’s coverage of the Boston Bruins. Berkshire also has a big focus on charity and giving back. The bank offers paid time off so that their employees can volunteer, has scholarships for students hoping to pursue a higher education, and awards $2 million in grants to non-profit organizations every year.

Berkshire Bank has also partnered with various loan comparison programs, such as Costco’s Mortgage Services and Magilla Loans. Services such as these don’t create loan offers themselves, but instead serve as a platform for a potential borrower to browse offers. It can be a great way to compare loans without having to contact each specific lender.

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