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A subsidiary of Bank of Hawaii Corporation (NYSE: BOH), the Bank of Hawaii provides regional banking services to consumers, governments and businesses in Hawaii, Guam, and a few of the other islands in the Pacific. The bank is informally known as Bankoh, and its roots trace all the way back to 1893, making it the second oldest bank in Hawaii. Bank of Hawaii is the state's largest locally own bank, and it also has the most customers, branches, and ATMs of any of Hawaii's banks.

Bank of Hawaii offers its customers retail & commercial banking, along with investment services and treasury / other. Within its retail banking division, BOH offers consumer finance products such as mortgage loans, home equity loans, certificates of deposit (CDs), car loans and savings / checking accounts. The Bank of Hawaii also offers its customers extensive access to their accounts via online banking and mobile applications.

In both 2009 and 2010, Forbes Magazine voted Bank of Hawaii as the “Best Bank in America.” As a regional bank, BOH also has deep ties to Hawaii and the Pacific Islands, giving it a relationship with its customers that is difficult for a bigger bank to match. For example, in 2010 the Bank of Hawaii donated a total of $1 million to local charities and nonprofits. Add in BOH's 65 Hawaiian branches, 11 additional Pacific Island branches, and almost 500 ATMs, and the Bank of Hawaii is an excellent choice for consumers in or around the Aloha State.

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