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Arcus Lending is a direct lender as well as a mortgage broker. This allows them to compare their rates with other lenders to help the borrower get a competitive rate. In fact, through them, Arcus Lending claims you can get the “Best Mortgage.” They clarify that this does not mean the mortgage with the lowest rate, but rather that their unique combination of customer service, advisors, and competitive rates together gives their clients the best mortgage experience.

If you didn’t get the interest rate you wanted, or if you did but you want an even better interest rate, Arcus Lending also has a “Mortgage Under Management” service. By constantly monitoring interest rates, Arcus Lending is prepared to immediately notify borrowers if interest rates drop. Then the borrowers can refinance if they so choose.

If you want to work with Arcus Lending, there are three different ways you can get started. You can apply for pre-approval, request a rate quote, or schedule a one-on-one consultation. If you’re ready to start your mortgage journey, Arcus Lending is there to help.

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Shashank Shekhar

Shashank Shekhar – NMLS #8176 – Arcus Lending

Arcus Lending - Owner and Founder - NMLS# 8176

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