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Alpine Mortgage Planning is a division of Finance of America Mortgage LLC. Pinnacle Capital Mortgage, Alpine Mortgage’s founding company, began in early 2008. Alpine Mortgage currently has branches in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and California.

Alpine Mortgage offers conventional loans, government loans, jumbo loans, as well as no cost mortgages.

If you’re unsure about the mortgage process and want to understand it better, Alpine Mortgage breaks it down into simple steps. First is the application, which you can do right on Alpine Mortgage’s website. Next is the qualification, which Alpine Mortgage says will take approximately twenty four hours, or slightly longer for alternative loan products. Then the borrower has to send them all the required documents; this is the step that often takes the most time. Then an appraisal and a title report will be ordered. Once all the information is gathered, it will be submitted to the underwriter. The underwriter may have some conditions before approving. Once you have the underwriter’s approval, the closing documents can be ordered. You will have to sign the closing documents, and generally about one or two days later, the loan will be funded and recorded.

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Top Alpine Mortgage Planning Loan Officers

Chris Fenoglio

Chris Fenoglio – NMLS #653010 – Alpine Mortgage Planning

Alpine Mortgage Planning - Branch Manager/Mortgage Advisor - NMLS# 653010

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