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Alliance Home Loans opened their doors in 2004 under the name Alliance Financial Resources LLC. While they started with six employees, they eventually grew to have over 200 employees, including 100 loan originators. They were found in 27 states, and every year they funded over 3,000 loans. Alliance Home Loans closed in 2018.

Alliance offered conventional loans, VA loans, reverse mortgages, and expanded opportunity loans, which they say were their specialty. Expanded opportunity loans are for those who may have a hard time getting a loan due to their credit score or financial history.

In addition, Alliance also offered free mortgage checkups, so you could determine whether or not you should refinance. Some benefits of refinancing include lower interest rates and monthly payments, debt consolidation, and paying off your house more quickly.

Alliance was located primarily in the southwest United States.

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Top Alliance Home Loans Loan Officers

Tony Adkins

Tony Adkins – NMLS #166544 – Alliance Home Loans

Alliance Home Loans - Senior Vice President - NMLS# 166544

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