Honolulu Down Payment Loan Program

Offered through the City of Honolulu, borrowers can access as much as $40,000 to help with the costs of obtaining a home and home loan. This is a 20-year amortizing loan with 0% interest. Monthly payments are required. In the event that the property is sold or transferred, part of the loan amount will become due, unless the new owner meets the requirements for the loan.

Funds have limited availability and will be offered first-come, first-serve to qualified applicants.

In order to be eligible, applicants must be first-time homebuyers, finish a homebuying education class, and meet certain income limits. Furthermore, the applicant must be planning to use the house, which must be on Oahu, as his or her primary residence. All properties must be up to code and pass an inspection.

As of 2020, the total annual household income limits are below:

  • 1 person household: $58,600
  • 2 person household: $67,000
  • 3 person household: $75,350
  • 4 person household: $83,700
  • 5 person household: $90,400
  • 6 person household: $97,100
  • 7 person household: $103,800
  • 8 person household: $110,500
  • 9 person household: $117,200
  • 10 person household: $123,880

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