CAASTLC Down Payment Assistance

The Community Action Agency of St. Louis County, Inc. (CAASTLC) offers the following down payment assistance loans:

  • For those in St. Louis County, a zero-interest loan of $3,000 with deferred payments;
  • For those in Florissant, a zero-interest loan of $3,500 with a five-year term that can be forgiven;
  • For those in St. Charles City and/or County or in O’Fallon, a zero-interest loan of $5,000 with deferred payments.

For the above loans with deferred payment, the loan amount becomes due when the property has been sold or transferred.

For all of the above, applicants must finish a homebuying course as well as individual homeownership counseling.

Applicants must also be able to put down at least $1,000 from their own assets towards the purchase.

Income limits apply.

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