Affordable Housing Enhanced Loan Program

AHELP, or the Affordable Housing Enhanced Loan Program, is offered through the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation in combination with other governmental or nonprofit agencies as well as regional housing authorities. It provides down payment assistance and secondary financing options to eligible applicants.

The assistance that is offered can be either a loan, a forgivable loan, a deferred payment loan, a grant, or a combination of these.

Applicants must match the requirements of the provider of the assistance (either a governmental agency, nonprofit, or regional housing authority), as well as a set of universal AHELP requirements. These requirements include finishing a homebuyer education course as well as not owning a secondary residential property in the nearby area.

In order for a property to qualify for AHELP, it must be an owner-occupied single-family house, condominium, unit in a Common Interest Community, or a Type I manufactured home. If the house was constructed before 1992, it must also be inspected.

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