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HARP: The Refinance Program You Need to Use

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The HARP Program May Be Better For You Than Your Lender     The public awareness of the Home Affordable Refinance Plan® (HARP) continues to be very low. Despite press releases from the White House when it was launched, the … Continue Reading



Mortgage Elements: Review of Site

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Background: Long ago and far away, when one of my loan officers would rush into the office saying, “We need a lot loan” or “Company XYZ can do seconds!”, my reaction would normally be to try to calm the speaker … Continue Reading



SOFI: A Brief Review

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Is SoFi — a lender that offers student loan refinancing, mortgage, and other financing programs — an up and coming fintech company or one that will surely provide disruptive innovation to the mortgage industry? Or is it a bit of both? … Continue Reading



Going Reverse May be Good!

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Last time, we blogged about looking at things upside down. This time we’ll do a complete about-face and take the REVERSE view – reverse mortgages, that is. If you own a TV, you’ve probably seen the commercials where former acting … Continue Reading



Mortgages from the Bottom Up!

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IT’S ABOUT PERSPECTIVE The renowned Rob Chrisman provides a daily market commentary on the mortgage industry. He recently posted this, written by Brooklyn high school student Chanie Gorkin. It inspires some thoughts about, yes, obtaining a mortgage. Today was the absolute … Continue Reading



Don’t Wait! Rehabilitate – Your Home

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  Is it finally time to gut the kitchen and replace grandma’s rusted avocado appliances? Do you love the location of the house at 123 Elm Street but are put off by the lack of doors, windows, siding, and a … Continue Reading



The Mortgage Test

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Let’s Play Twenty [Mortgage] Questions!                     >>>I’ll take RESPA for $200, Alex. Oops, wrong game. No one is in Jeopardy here. We’ve been blogging along for a while. It seems, then, … Continue Reading