Mortgage Deal of the Week: GTE Financial

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Where some home borrowers have a sizable down payment and can take advantage of good offers when they come up, significant savings in avoided interest charges can be realized. This is often the case when a home buyer can take advantage of 15-year fixed mortgage with a larger monthly payment versus the standard 30-year mortgage.

GTE Financial Credit Union based out of Florida is currently offering a home mortgage package that includes a significant savings benefit for as low as 3 percent flat. When the average mortgage rate for a personal home purchase is currently as high as 3.75 percent, GTE’s home loan offering is probably one of the best deals available on the home loan market right now.

To qualify for GTE Financial’s offering, an applicant will need to have an attractive credit score and sufficient income to adequately make payments without other personal liabilities compromising the application figures. Those with a problematic credit history will be extremely challenged to be able to take advantage of GTE's mortgage offer. The overall interest charge involved with all the fees included calculates out to a 3.37 percent APR rounded, but this is still far less than the rates on average loans available in the housing market right now. For example, for every $100,000 borrowed, an applicant can expect to pay a mortgage payment of approximately $691 a month. So GTE’s offering is no laughing matter.

GTE Financial Credit Union is not a fly-by-night home lender; the Credit Union has been operating since 1935, establishing itself at a time right after the Great Depression when the bank industry was probably the most challenging. Serving the greater northern Florida area, GTE Financial today offers a highly competitive mortgage opportunity for those looking to buy a home in Florida, including locations like Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota. So for borrowers in the northern part of the state, GTE Financial should definitely be looked into for a home loan if buying. The lender is a well-known name for builders in the area, who will easily work with financing from GTE Financial.

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