The Mortgage Magic Wand

Written by Kathleen Heck on December 8, 2018
Mortgage Magic Wand

The Mortgage Magic Wand! There are XX Days until Christmas, the New Year, Valentine’s Day …. or some other marketable holiday. We are therefore, reminded and inspired to buy those gifts ASAP! One of the best gifts I ever received … Continue Reading

McMansions: Normal is a Setting on a Washing Machine

Written by Kathleen Heck on June 1, 2017
McMansions Are Back

NORMAL — Simply a Setting on the Washing Machine Being a former math teacher, I often choose to categorize things by picturing a normal distribution curve in my mind. For example, if you look below, “most” everything falls in the … Continue Reading

4 Innovative Ideas to help Millennials buy Expensive Real Estate

Written by Kathleen Heck on May 10, 2017
Millennial Home Owner

Even if you are only peripherally involved in real estate, home loans or finance, you know the millennials are a “problem.” Specifically, those born from 1981 to 1997 are not buying houses at a rate their parents and grandparents did, … Continue Reading

Mark Twain and the Only Accurate 2017 Mortgage Predictions

Written by Kathleen Heck on January 20, 2017
Mark Twain Predictions

I used to keep an email folder where I would save all annual mortgage industry “prediction” articles. The following year, I reviewed them to see who was closest to accurate, who was furthest from the truth — which crystal ball … Continue Reading