Joliet Down Payment Assistance Program

This down payment assistance program for residents of Joliet City offers between $1,000 and 20% of the sales price of a home in down payment assistance. This is a second mortgage with 0% interest that can be forgiven.

In order to qualify, an individual must be from a low-income household (with an annual household income that is not more than 80% of the area median income). Applicants must also finish 8 hours of approved homebuyer counseling. They must be able to put down at least $2,500 towards the home purchase from their own assets.

Only primary residences are applicable, and the property must be a single-family house, townhouse, condominium, or manufactured home on a fixed foundation. The house cannot have any tenants, and must not be located within the 100-year flood plain. It must also fall within certain purchase price limits.

The income limits as of 2020 are:

  • 1 person household - $43,050
  • 2 person household - $49,200
  • 3 person household - $55,350
  • 4 person household - $61,500
  • 5 person household - $66,450
  • 6 person household - $71,350
  • 7 person household - $76,300
  • 8 person household - $81,200

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