Maximizing your savings income when interest rates are low

Written by Cathy on August 11, 2014

Interest rates on savings accounts have been historically low for years now, and probably aren’t going to rise any time soon. It’s a frustrating situation for a fiscally responsible saver who just wants to put money away for a rainy … Continue Reading

How much should you keep in a savings account?

Written by Miranda Marquit on July 9, 2014

One of the maddening realities of the current economic situation is the fact that a low-rate environment means that the money you keep in a savings account earns a yield at a very slow pace. For those of us who … Continue Reading

What Type of Savings Accounts Do You Need

Written by Stephanie Halligan on June 30, 2014

If you have a checking account, you probably also have a savings account, which can be a convenient place to stash some money off to the side so it’s not all sitting in your main transaction account. A savings account … Continue Reading

How Much Do You Really Need in Your Emergency Fund?

Written by David Quilty on June 27, 2014

One of the basic building blocks of sustainable finances is the emergency fund. Your emergency fund can provide you with a backstop in the event of financial difficulty. With an emergency fund to draw on, you can take care of … Continue Reading

Where can I save my money?

Written by Erin El Issa on May 5, 2014

There are multiple savings vehicles for which to park your money. However, depending on the purpose of the savings and the length between now and when you need to access it, you will want to choose different types of accounts. … Continue Reading

How to Choose the Right Bank Account

Written by Miranda Marquit on April 28, 2014
Bank building

Your banking relationship is one of the most important aspects of your finances. You want to make sure that your money is in good hands, and that your account offers you the perks and protections that you need to meet … Continue Reading

Are Money Market Savings Accounts Worth It?

Written by Stephanie Halligan on April 25, 2014
Money Market Accounts

You probably have a basic savings account where you keep a little of your cash for those “just-in-case” expenses. But did you know you could be earning extra interest on your money by stashing it in a money market savings … Continue Reading