Craziest Things Used as Collateral

Written by LeeAnn Reynolds on February 22, 2019

Collateral is used as a type of insurance when you take out a loan – if something happens and you can’t repay your loan, the bank or lender still has the collateral, so they can get something back. One common … Continue Reading

These High LTV Refinance Programs Can Save you Money!

Written by LeeAnn Reynolds on February 15, 2019

New High LTV Programs: Lower Your Payments, Reduce Debt and Save Money! It’s a new year, and that means there are new High LTV Programs designed specifically to lower your payment, reduce debt and save you money! The best part? … Continue Reading

Don’t Refinance – Get a Home Equity Loan Today!

Written by LeeAnn Reynolds on February 15, 2019
Earning Equity

What is Equity? At Today’s Rates: Home Equity Loan is a Smarter Deal Than a Cash Out Refinance You could have cash hidden in your home and not even realize it. We’re not talking about a hidden stash of treasure – … Continue Reading

Going Postal in the UK: UK Post Office Loans

Written by Kathleen Heck on July 31, 2018
Mail Box

Blimey, I’m Going Postal in the UK! That’s right. As soon as I find a wealthy, close relative, we’re crossing the pond to take advantage of this fab new deal! First time home buyers in the UK can purchase a … Continue Reading

Anonymous and Free? Yes Please! Magilla Loans Review

Written by LeeAnn Reynolds on June 7, 2017

If you’ve ever applied for a loan (or wanted to apply), you’ll know that it can be an intimidating and confusing process. Often times you’re expected to hand over personal information, such as your social security number, without really understanding … Continue Reading

Why every Veteran should use a VA Loan to Buy a Home

Written by LeeAnn Reynolds on April 11, 2017
VA Uniform

If you are a veteran or the spouse of a veteran and are trying to purchase a house, you may have a resource available to you that you didn’t even know about: the VA Loan. If you are eligible for … Continue Reading

Student Loan Interest Rates Don’t Matter

Written by Stephanie Halligan on August 4, 2014

For the past several years, there’s been a lot of debate in congress over the interest rates on federal student loans. What used to be a 6.4 percent interest rate on loans like the Stafford Loan or subsidized federal student … Continue Reading