Small Business Loans: Traditional Banks Vs. Kabbage

Written by Topher Levin on March 24, 2015

In the past, if you were a small business in need of a loan, your options were limited. But it’s 2015. You’re no longer limited to the one local brick-and-mortar bank in your neighborhood. Today, your small business has big … Continue Reading

The Best Businesses to Start With Little or No Investment

Written by Carrie Smith on February 2, 2015

Most of us mistakenly believe that you need to take out a business loan, and invest your savings, to start a new business. But in reality, and with today’s technology, you can launch a business with little to no investment. … Continue Reading

How to Lay People Off, the Right Way

Written by Carrie Smith on January 28, 2015

There’s a fine line between investing in the growth of your business and bootstrapping to save money. This is something that all startups and small businesses face at some point. Whether it’s repercussions from the recession, changes in the market … Continue Reading

How Much Should a Small Business Owner Pay Themselves?

Written by Carrie Smith on January 26, 2015
Small Business Owner

There’s always a lot of controversy over how much entrepreneurs & startups should pay themselves. If they pay themselves too much, they’re seen as greedy or not working hard enough to prove their ideas. On the flip side, if they … Continue Reading

7 Deadly Sins of Entrepreneurship

Written by Carrie Smith on January 19, 2015
deadly sins

The entrepreneur life is filled with much more risk and reward than the traditional career, which can lead to a plethora of problems you wouldn’t normally have to overcome if you worked for someone else. You’ll face an endless amount … Continue Reading

How to Manage Cash Flow in a Developing Business

Written by Miranda Marquit on January 5, 2015
manage cash flow

One of the biggest challenges to growing your business is likely to be cash flow. When you run a business, you need money coming in to cover the money coming out. Unfortunately, your inflows aren’t always going to manage your … Continue Reading

How to Qualify for a Small Business Loan

Written by Miranda Marquit on December 30, 2014
How to Qualify for a Small Business Loan

One of the best ways to smooth your cash flow and ensure that your business can run efficiently is to acquire a small business loan. Even the biggest companies in the world regularly use credit in order to fund equipment … Continue Reading