Top Mortgage Sites

Pros 馃檪

路         Compare rates from multiple lenders.
路         Free credit score check.
Cons 馃檨

路         Not a lender.
路         LendingTree isn鈥檛 a lender. Instead, they offer a platform that allows you to view and compare interest rates and offers from partners in their lender network. This allows the consumer to compare multiple loan options from multiple lenders on a single website.
路         Offers options to search for home loans, personal loans, credit cards, insurance, debt relief, and student loans.
路         We were impressed by their free credit score service, which allows you to check and monitor your credit score without affecting it. They also give tips to improve your score.
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NMLS #1136
Pros 馃檪

路         Has both physical branch locations as well as online and over-the-phone help.
路         Has a manual underwriting model, which allows them to evaluate each borrower's unique application instead of having an automated process.
Cons 馃檨

路         Not available in all states (New York).
路         New American Funding is a large, national lender (available in all states except New York) that has kept the local-lender service and attention model. This is great for consumers who want personalized attention but also a lender who's easy to find and work with.
路         New American Funding offers home loans for Purchasing and Refinancing, as well as specialty loans such as Self-Employed Mortgages.
路         Down payments as low as 3.5% for FHA loans.
路         No down payment required for USDA loans.
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NMLS #6606

Pros 馃檪

路         Wonderful online platform - can complete the entire mortgage without having to speak to a loan officer if desired.
Cons 馃檨

路         May not be best for those who want more hands-on guidance.
路         No physical branch locations for customers.
路         Amerisave has one of the best online mortgage systems that we have seen. An online mortgage lender with a national presence, they have an easy-to-use platform with an online application and rate lock request.
路         Their prequalification process only takes a few minutes.
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NMLS #1168

Pros 馃檪

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Offers special deals, promotions and guarantees.
路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Appraisal may not be required.
路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Available in 50 states.
路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 With the mello smartloan™ from loanDepot, it's possible to close in as little as 8 days. (Closing times may vary depending on the terms & conditions of the loan).
Cons 馃檨

路         Does not offer personal loans.

路         We like loanDepot for their guarantees, offers, and special programs! Taking advantage of any special deals can help when it comes to the cost of a mortgage.
路         loanDepot offers fixed rate mortgages, ARMs, FHA Loans, Jumbo Loans, VA Loans and more.
路         loanDepot offers a 鈥淟ifetime Guarantee鈥 for their mortgages. If a consumer closes on a mortgage or refinances with them for the first time, their lender fees will be waived and appraisal fees will be reimbursed for any future refinances with oanDepot. (For more information about Lifetime Guarantee)
路         loanDepot is also hosting a Mortgage Sweepstakes for 2020. In honor of their 10 year anniversary, 10 loanDepot customers and 10 employees will win $10,000. And then one of each will win the grand prize of $250,000 to pay off the winner鈥檚 mortgage. For official rules, please visit loanDepot nextX.
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NMLS #174457

Pros 馃檪

路      Compare multiple interest rates specifically from VA lenders.
路         Free information and guides about VA loans.
Cons 馃檨

路         Not a lender.
路         VALoanCaptain is the ideal website to go to if you're thinking about utilizing a VA Loan.
路          VALoanCaptain is a platform designed to help both active duty personnel and veterans get more information and search for VA Loans.
路         They provide free guides and consultations to those interested in learning more.
路         Currently allows consumers to compare VA Loan interest rates and offers from 7 different lenders.
路         Read more about VALoanCaptain.
Pros 馃檪

路         Free information and resources about FHA loans.
Cons 馃檨

路         Not a lender.
路          FHA loans are a great resource for borrowers who have a lower credit score or who can't afford a larger down payment. That's why we're including in our top mortgage sites list!
路         Not a government agency; instead, is a website for consumers to find news and information about FHA loans.
路         FHA loans require a minimum credit score of just 580 and a down payment of just 3.5%.
路         FHA loans can be used both for purchasing and for refinancing.
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Pros 馃檪

路         Incredible customer service.
Cons 馃檨 路         Customer service is important, and that's why we like Paramount! Paramount is very highly rated for customer service, with a 97% approval rating and over 1,300 five star reviews.
路         They offer conventional, VA, non-conforming, FHA, and 203(k) loans.
路         Also offers personal banking products.
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NMLS #551907

Pros 馃檪

路         Compare interest rates for multiple loan types.
路         Free, fast, and easy to use.
路         Customer support is offered through email, phone, or chat.
Cons 馃檨

路         Not a lender.
路         Credible is a site that allows you to compare interest rates and offers for multiple loan programs, including student loans, personal loans, mortgages, and credit cards.
路         Shopping around for interest rates and offers is one of the best ways to save money when getting a loan - that's why we suggest using a website like Credible!
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NMLS #1681276
Pros 馃檪

路         Easy interface that can be accessed online or via an app.
路         Interface even allows you to make mortgage payments after closing.
路         Customer support available 7 days a week by phone or chat.
路         Direct download of asset and financial information is a more secure and easier way of getting information to your loan officer.
路         Available in all 50 states.
Cons 馃檨

路         May not be best for those who want a more hands-on mortgage process.
路         Not available for mobile/manufactured homes or construction loans.
路         Does not offer home equity loans.
路         No physical branch locations for customers.
路         This is our favorite mortgage app because of it's easiness to use, technological security, and it's usefulness even after closing.
路         Rocket Mortgage is a mortgage application designed by Quicken Loans.
路         It's designed to allow the borrower to handle all aspects of the mortgage process themselves.
路         Allows you to automatically share certain financial information.
路         Read more about Rocket Mortgage.

NMLS #3030
Pros 馃檪

路         Available in all 50 states.
路         Customer support is available via phone, email or chat 7 days a week.
路         Provides information and multiple tools to help borrowers with the mortgage process.
Cons 馃檨

路         It's sometimes harder to get personalized service from large lenders such as Quicken Loans.
路         Quicken Loans is a large, well-known, national brand.
路         They offer new, innovative, and useful technologies for consumers to use, including various mortgage and affordability calculators, as well as the app Rocket Mortgage.
路         We like Quicken Loans for their national presence, which has caused their customer service to be available to help consumers 7 days a week.
路         Read more about Quicken Loans.

NMLS #3030

Pros 馃檪

路         No origination fees or commissions.
路         Online mortgage application and portal.
路         On-demand rate lock.
路         Better Price Guarantee.
Cons 馃檨

路         Not available nationwide.
路         Limited product offerings.
路         At RateZip, we're a big believer in shopping around for the best interest rate you can find. That's why we like the Better Price Guarantee from Better Mortgage Corporation. It says that if they can't beat another competitor's loan estimate, they'll send you $1,000!
路         Better only offers FHA loans, conventional loans, and jumbo loans. They do not offer VA loans, USDA loans, second mortgages, or mortgages for co-ops or multifamilies with 5 or more units.
路         Read more about Better Mortgage Corporation.

NMLS #330511