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    Surrounded by Nevada, Idaho, Colorado and New Mexico, the state of Utah can often be considered the center of the U.S. west. Known as the nation's capital for the Church of Latter-Day Saints, Utah offers an abundance of farm regions, mountains, natural beauty, mining industry, and tourism. Salt Lake City, the capitol, represents one the largest urban areas of the state, but Utah also include the cities of Ogden, Park City, Logan, Provo, Sandy and more. Bryce National Park, for example, is a major draw as the amazing scene of its slowing eroding spires dazzles, especially in the evening sun. With Salt Lake City a former Winter Olympics site, the state draws a heavy crowd for its ski resorts in the winter.

    Home to nearly 3 million Americans, the Beehive State is America's 33rd largest. By area, however, it is in the top 15, with a total landmass of 85,000 square miles. Gross state product is $130 billion annually, with per capita income of around $45,000.

    Places to Live

    Today, average home values in Utah are around $200,000. The median sales price is about the same. More expensive areas include Park City and Holladay, while more affordable cities include the likes of Roy and Tooele, where the median sales price is under $200K.

    Salt Lake City

    Population: 183,171

    SLC is Utah's biggest city, and its entire metro is home to more than 1.1 million. The city was founded by leaders of the Mormon church, and the LDS Church still maintains a strong grip on Salt Lake City. Previously, the city's economy depended on the mining of natural resources, but today SLC is largely service oriented. Zions Bank, a Fortune 500 company that struggled mightily during the recent financial crisis, is headquartered within city limits.

    West Valley City

    Population: 125,093

    Utah's second largest city is actually a suburb of SLC and a part of its metro area. The top local employers are Discover, UPS, Zions Bank, and Walmart.


    Population: 119,775

    Brigham Young University is located in Provo, and a very nice community has flourished around the institution. The city often ranks highly on lists of the best places to raise a family or start your career.

    Financial Institutions & Interest Rates in UT

    When it comes to finding the right bank, it's important to consider all of your options. Whether you're new to Utah or have been living in the state for years, you'll find a number of local and national financial institutions ready to serve you. Community banks and credit unions tend to be more flexible with loans and are generally more committed to forming a relationship with customers. National banks are usually more convenient, with more branches and ATMs both in UT and out of state. Of course, there's also Zions First National Bank, SLC's homegrown giant, to consider.

    Local banks:

    1. AmBank
    2. Bank of Utah
    3. Capital Community Bank
    4. Frontier Bank
    5. Home Savings Bank
    6. Liberty Bank of Utah
    7. Rock Canyon Bank
    8. Transportation Alliance Bank
    9. WebBank

    Biggest UT credit unions:

    1. American First Credit Union
    2. Mountain America CU
    3. Utah Community CU
    4. Goldenwest CU
    5. University First CU
    6. Cyprus CU
    7. Utah Power CU
    8. Desert First CU
    9. Granite CU
    10. Utah First CU

    National banks:

    1. Bank of America
    2. Bank of the West
    3. Chase Bank
    4. US Bank

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    Tips for Utah Homeowners

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