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Life Insurance and Medical Exams

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A typical part of obtaining a life insurance policy is a required medical exam, although this will depend on your age and the amount of insurance coverage you are asking for.  You'll be given a physical exam, and asked to give a blood and urine specimen.  Typically this will be administered by a paramedic medical professional at the home or office of the client.

If you are younger than 40 years old and looking for less than $100,000 it is unlikely that you'll be asked for a medical exam.  Insurance companies will use third party medical information companies to validate your medical history in addition to the exam.  Good medical exam results will obviously help give you the best possible rate.

To obtain the best possible results for your blood and urine test:

1.  Avoid caffeine, alcohol and salt intake 24 hrs before the exam

2. If you smoke or use tobacco, avoid at least an hour prior to exam

3. Get a good night's sleep!

What are Insurers looking for?

Any health condition that could affect your life expectancy including the HIV virus, cholesterol levels, liver or kidney disorder, diabetes, hepatitis antibodies, prostate specific antigen, and immune disorders and recreational drug use.


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