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Hudson City Savings Bank: Today's Interest Rates, Loans, Complaints & Reviews

Hudson City Savings Bank
Hudson City Savings Bank
[web site]

Hudson City Savings Bank, a subsidiary of Hudson City Bancorp, is a New Jersey based bank founded just after the Civil War. The bank now has over 100 branches in 21 counties of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Hudson City is one of America's oldest banks, and its also New Jersey's biggest savings bank. Over the years, the company has relied on its corporate motto - “Bank on Better Values.” M&T Bank purchased Hudson City Savings Bank in August 2012 but decided to keep the name.

Hudson City Savings Bank was founded on March 27, 1868 in Hudson City, NJ. The bank grew steadily over the years, surviving both the Great Depression and the Savings and Loan crisis of the 1980s. While most banks grow through mergers and acquisitions, Hudson City's story is mostly one of increasing its depositor base, primarily in its home state of New Jersey. Today, Hudson City Savings Bank operates 136 branches, with 98 located in New Jersey, 9 in Connecticut's Fairfield County, and 29 located in the state of New York. The company also employs over 1000 individuals.

Hudson City offers the usual suite of financial products, such as certificates of deposit (CDs), savings accounts, and checking accounts. The bank remains closely tied to the communities that it serves, and this is well demonstrated by a trip to Hudson City Savings Bank's website, where you select a product, then identify yourself as a “New Jersey Customer”, a “New York Customer”, or a “Connecticut Customer.” The bank prides itself on delivering “better value” through higher yields and lower fees for its customers.

Hudson City is also a mortgage lender, and it offers some of the more attractive mortgage rates in the northeastern United States, whether you are looking for a fixed rate loan, and adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), or an FHA or VA product. In fact, many smaller mortgage lenders in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey are actually working off of a rate sheet from Hudson City and simply acting as a broker because they cannot match Hudson's offerings internally.

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Hudson City Savings Bank Mortgage Rates (Best Rate Score: #3 out of 8 Banks)

30 Year Fixed, Conforming

4.750%0.0004.763%Apr 19, 2014
4.875%0.0004.886%Apr 19, 2014

30 Year Fixed, Jumbo

4.750%0.0004.769%Apr 19, 2014

15 Year Fixed, Conforming

3.375%0.0003.408%Apr 19, 2014

15 Year Fixed, Conforming

3.500%0.0003.522%Apr 19, 2014

3/1 ARM, Jumbo

2.625%0.0002.937%Apr 19, 2014

5/1 ARM, Conforming

2.750%0.0002.932%Apr 19, 2014
3.500%0.0003.183%Apr 19, 2014

7/1 ARM, Conforming

3.875%0.0003.404%Apr 19, 2014

10/1 ARM, Conforming

3.250%0.0003.297%Apr 19, 2014
3.875%0.0003.555%Apr 19, 2014
4.625%0.0003.976%Apr 19, 2014

10/1 ARM, Conforming

3.375%0.0003.407%Apr 19, 2014

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Hudson City Savings Bank
Customer Reviews
Average customer rating:
4 out of 5 stars

Hudson City Savings Bank Customer Reviews and Ratings:

Charlotte Warren reviewed Hudson City Savings Bank
July 31st, 2013
3 / 5 stars

Hudson City Savings is one of the weirdest banks I've ever experienced. On the one hand, they offer pretty solid rates, and have a group of friendly employees that always seem happy to see you. On the other hand, their service can be completely hit-or-mis

Sara Miles reviewed Hudson City Savings Bank
July 26th, 2013
5 / 5 stars

Obviously, there are a lot of options here in New York for banking, so it takes a lot for a bank to really differentiate itself. And that's pretty what Hudson City Savings Bank has always done for my parents, who've used them for as long as I can remember

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